Brave Browser

“Brave” is a new web browser which, although only in the early stages of development, looks very promising for a number of reasons. It has significant investment behind it, to the tune of millions of dollars. And top of the list of features is security and privacy.

There’s a built-in ad blocker, for example, so you won’t see many adverts. It blocks trackers too, to help maintain your privacy. And if there’s a secure, encrypted version of a page that you’re currently viewing in non-encrypted mode (http rather than https) it will automatically take you to the more secure version.

You can download Brave now. It’s free and is at for Windows 7, 8 and 10. It’s a 92 MB download, which is malware-free according to VirusTotal. The download site is regarded as reputable by Web of Trust.

I’ve heard good things about Brave. A couple of people that I know have said they’ve been using it as their main browser for a number of weeks and actually prefer it to Chrome and Firefox. Try it yourself, and see if you agree. It’ll happily co-exist on your PC with whichever browser(s) you already use.